Great Activities for Kids

In today’s society children are inundated by electronic gadgetry and used properly they can be a great learning tool.

Unfortunately though as the child grows these various gadgets replace two vital things that a child needs – physical activity (playing) and development of their imagination.

Physical activity is essential to a child’s health and well being. As the old saying goes “a healthy child is a happy child”. So please encourage your child to have physical activity in their life.

Just remember imagination comes from reading not TV or Video games, below is a list of my favorite activities that children of almost any age can get involved in.

  1. Reading

    A friend of mine helps run a Montessori school and he had this to say about reading:
    “Unfortunately, our English language is not the easiest to learn to read and write. There are seemingly so many arbitrary ways to spell words …

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  2. Swimming

    Here’s are some reasons why your children ought to learn to swim:

    Swimming is a healthy type of exercise that’s low impact and provides full body workout.
    Swimming teaches kids essential water safety skills that could someday save their life.
    Swimming offers …

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  3. Singing

    This is an excerpt taken from a page on the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University website on Children and singing*
    You can see by this article, it’s not just about singing, there is an incredible joy, satisfaction …

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  4. Dancing

    This is a great excerpt taken from the NorthvillePatch on Dance!
    Dance offers many benefits that last a lifetime!
    When children learn to dance they receive more than the benefits of physical activity. Here are the top reasons that children …

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  5. Baseball

    Baseball is great for kids, and here are some of the reasons why (this includes T-ball for the the younger kids):

    It teaches your child patience. In other sports you have to act and react quickly. But in …

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