35 years ago…

35 years ago I was told a fantastic tale by my Godfather about friendly green goblins in the forest and mysterious red goblins in the desert. I learned the longest name I had ever heard and memorized how to say it, never forgetting it, even many, many years later. The adventures of those curious creatures sparked and fed my imagination.

One day my inner child awoke again and I determined to write the goblin story and share it with others. After much research and work, I figured out how to compile, print and publish the story. The marketer in me struggles daily to make the story known and visible. Recently a friend in a kind and generous manner read the story to some school children with fabulous feedback. Every student wrote to me to say how much they loved the story and asked for more.

Thus I was inspired to get going and get the story out there once again.

My Godfather and I finally connected in Oct 2013. He was thrilled about the publishing of the story and we spoke for hours over the phone catching up on the past 35 years.

I hope you and yours enjoy this story as much as I did.

— char