Baseball is great for kids, and here are some of the reasons why (this includes T-ball for the the younger kids):

It teaches your child patience. In other sports you have to act and react quickly. But in baseball, you have to wait your turn to bat and cheer on your teammate while you wait.

It teaches the importance of teamwork, as your child will be an integral part of the team and if they do their job as a team member, it can be loads of fun!

It also teaches the importance of the individual: When your child is up at bat, there are no teammates to hide behind. It is one person on the plate relying only on their individual skill.

It teaches discipline and respect. There are rules to follow and when not followed there are consequences that could affect the whole team.

It teaches the child to pick themselves up from failure: in baseball, they will strike out, they will make an error and they will sometimes lose but they will learn to pick themselves up and do better the next time. They will go home to family and friends and realize that life goes on.

I am a big supporter of youth sports. I want kids to play every sport that they enjoy. All sports teach a lot about life, and above all they are great for the fitness of the youth in this country.

Bottom line is that your child can have fun playing with others and getting away from the video games and TV!

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