This is a great excerpt taken from the NorthvillePatch on Dance!

Dance offers many benefits that last a lifetime!

When children learn to dance they receive more than the benefits of physical activity. Here are the top reasons that children should dance:

Rhythm – Children move all of the time but when you add music something magical happens! For most children it’s natural for them to try to move with the sound.

Balance, grace and good posture –When learning dance techniques, particularly ballet these are all part of the movements that are encouraged and promoted.

Fitness – According to experts, dancing helps build muscle, burns fat and elevates heart rates, all good for fighting childhood obesity.

– While learning to dance, the movements are repeated which helps move everything together with momentum.

Motor Skills – Dance is always near the top of the list when the experts talk about the development of gross motor skills. Dancing is a great way to get those large muscles moving!

Self-Expression – Children who are shy or have trouble expressing themselves verbally can express themselves through movement.

Self-Confidence – Mastering a move or technique can give children a feeling of empowerment.

Channeling Energy – Dance gives children an opportunity to use their energy with a positive outcome.

Social Benefits – Not only can dance help with team building, but it offers children the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and try new things while making new friends.

It is never too early to dance!  Make a game out of it. Play the freeze game. Start the music and have the “players” dance around until you pause the music. Everyone freezes into a statue until the music starts again. Try using different types of music to encourage different movements.

Even toddlers can learn to dance. You can start with simple movements like toe-tapping and turning around, add some music and have some fun!

Make your child’s next birthday party a dance party and create a dance floor in your home! You can invite them to act out different animals, gestures or objects with their dance moves.

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