How Bobbin and Hobbin came about Bobbin and Hobbin came about

When I was about 10 years old, my Godfather Pierre came over to our home one day and told my brother and I a wonderful story about goblins, chimneys, and a really, really long name. We were thrilled by the story and spent time practicing how to pronounce that really, really long name until we had it fully memorized.

We went out of touch with my Godfather and I have not seen Pierre since I was a child.

Over the years as time moved on, I never forgot his fable.  At age 34 the story returned to my mind one day and I decided it was time to write it down and share it with others.  And yes, after all those years, I still remembered how to say that long name.

My Godfather, Dr. Pierre Taschereau is a true storyteller with a playful, charming imagination. In his youth Pierre worked and helped as a Boys Camp leader in Shelbourne, Nova Scotia – taking the boys on hiking expeditions and telling them bed-time stories, such as this one, to help them fall asleep.

Fortunately we finally caught up with each other over the phone this year, and he is over the moon to see his story in print.

His tales have captured the imagination of many children and I feel privileged to have the honor of writing and publishing the story for all future children to enjoy.

Happy reading,

Charlene Comeau

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