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Char-photoMy own story started in St.John’s New Brunswick, Canada where I was born. (Yes, I am a Canadian eh.)  Expecting a boy, my parents were all set to call me Charles.  Instead a seven pound, five ounce, baby girl was born and changed their well-laid plans.  My name became Charlene but the nickname Charly stuck with me over the years.

 I have lived in many places across Canada and love this country.  As a child I wrote a series of children’s booklets replete with illustrations. Life can be distracting though; hence, it took me a while to realize I enjoyed writing and was an artist at heart. In the mid 1990’s, my artistic urges, particularly writing, were rehabilitated while taking a course on how to study. Learning how to learn again and taking the time to clarify words and subjects, inspired me to write again. The Bobbin and Hobbin series is a result of this new-found ability and a labour of love meant to be shared with children all over the world.

Some additional interests include painting as a hobby, which my mother first taught me at 13 years old.  I also found a love of photography in the past several years. Art has been variously an influence in my life since childhood, but only more recently an active pursuit.  

On the opposite end of the spectrum of possible professions, I spent many years doing bookkeeping, financial planning and general office work. (Things I said I’d never do…)

Currently:  Office Manager and Co-Owner of Avenue Road Advertising.  Founder and CEO of Charly Art.  Writer, Artist and photographer.

Past:  Worked with my local church in executive and volunteer minister capacity for 17 years.

Causes I care about:

  • Children
  • Animal Welfare
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Education
  • Health
  • Human Rights

As my interests are ever changing and divergent, I am sure to find more endeavors to become involved with as time goes on.


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